Women’s Hairstyling Tools

The hair type, texture and density have their role in deciding what type of hot air product the woman should use. The various hot air tools with their different uses and types confuse the woman and sometimes cause her to buy the unsuitable one. This article shall illustrate you the different hot air hair tools, the different uses of each and how you can use them in a professional way.

Hot styling tools vary in their tasks. There are tools that are used to get the curling style, others are necessary to have the flat straight style. There are tools that are used to just dry the hair after the shower and there are also brushes that comb the hair under the heated air. There is a good post by Totalbeauty defining most wanted hair styling tools. Don’t forget to check!

Curling Irons:curling-iron

The curling irons are your great choice to create your favorite wavy hairstyle. Hair experts always recommend the curling irons that are made of ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium for their high quality in producing heat and expanding it in all parts of the iron. Experts and hairdressers have approved that the tools that are made of these three materials are gentle on the hair and give steady temperature to the hair. There are plenty of informative websites providing you curling irons reviews like TheBeautiLab . But if you felt that these hot tools produce overheating and you are worry that these products would damage your hair, the market is full of preheating serums that work like a cover for your hair and does not allow the temperature to go deep to the roots of the hair.

How to use the curling iron in a professional way?

Try to divide your hair into small sections of hair, be sure that these sections are equally the same size; every section is going to be slipped into two parts because the curling iron does not hold too much hair. Add some spray on that part you intend to curl; the hair spray works as a cover and protects the hair from the heat. Take the end of the hair section and out it into the iron and then start rolling the hair around the iron until you reach the scalp. Because the iron is very hot and your scalp is very sensitive try to use your other hand to cover it while you are waiting the hair being curled in the iron. This process shall take 5 minutes for each hair branch.

Hair Dryers:hair dryer

The amazing product a woman could owe is the hair dryer for its special extraordinary benefits, particularly after the shower. Therefore, the woman should look for the right hair dryer in terms of the material it is made of, its temperature ad levels of heat, the motor-power and the generation switch. All these factors should be checked before purchasing your own dryer because you are not like the salon and need a dryer that lasts with you and work professionally as if you have gone to the salon. On the other hand, some beauty experts think that the quality of the hair dryer differs from one hand to the other as it depends on how often the woman uses the dryer. However, I could always recommend the dryers that depend mainly on an ionic generator and titanium grill to get a fresher and shiner hair.

If you want to get the prettiest dried hair with a better natural volume, follow these tips:

-The best hair to dry is that wet hair, after shower, this would help you get a last longer style.

-Try to twist your hair upside down and dry all of it as a whole. You will get about 85%-dried hair. This step would give you a natural texture of your hair.

-Now it is time to divide your hair into branches that you could blow-dry it easily.

-I also advise you to use a ceramic brush for it heats the hair in both direction, the inside and outside.

Hot air brushes:Hot-air-brushes

The hot air brushes are designated in a round way that gives the woman the chance to get a more natural hair and of pretty volume. In addition, this amazing design cuts down the time and the money the woman could spend at the salon to get her favorite look. You can easily blow-dry your hair and have your intended style in just few minutes as the technology of these brushes gives the woman the ability to choose the speed and the heat of the brush. You can simultaneously dry and style your hair just with one hand. The round brushes differ in their types according to the material they are made of, the size and the heat settings. The best material to choose is the ceramic round hot brush though it is the most expensive, but at the same time, you will have your brush heated quickly. In addition, ceramic brushes emit the needed ions to get rid of the frizz and have a shiny smooth hair.

Before purchasing your round hot brush, be sure of the heat settings that you could control the temperature. If you have a coarse hair, you will definitely need to set your brush on the highest temperature. However, if your hair is thin, you will need to set it on a lower temperature to avoid damaging your hair.

Finally, choose your round hot brush with a handle that fits your arm and have the rotating system so that you will avoid the arm fatigue you could suffer with the traditional hair hot tools.


Flat Irons:Flat-Irons

The perfect tool for a home straight style is the flat iron. Flat irons are of different types; we will not address any of them because we have mentioned some standards above that are applied on all hot tools. Here I am giving you some tips that you can follow while applying a straight style suing a flat iron.

-To avoid damaging your hair, use a protectant spray, which would work like a cover for the hair.

-To get the best result in a short time, use the highest temperature if your hair is thick or the medium temperature if your hair is fine. The idea of “the heat would damage my hair, so let`s use the lowest temperature” is completely false for you will need to go back to your hair once and twice to get rid of the that frizzes. Therefore, have that straight hair with one pass while using the highest temperature.

-To help the process of straitening your hair go quickly without the need to repeat it multiple times, use your brush before starting to get all the knots out away.

-After finishing the straightening process, allow your hair to cool down.

-Clean your flat iron regularly to keep getting the same perfect results always.


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