Pull Out Vs Pull Down Faucets – Pros and Cons

Are you planning to buy Faucets for your kitchen? You may be confused on which one to buy. Normally, everyone gets confused when there are too many options to choose or when there are no options at all. All these can be made easy by having a look at the pros and cons of each option. There are many manufacturers who are in the market selling these faucets of different brands. So, in order to clear your confusion to some extent, have a look at the difference and similarities between Pull down and Pull Out Faucets. A good resource for buying guide faucetmag.com

One of the reasons why many people get confused whether to buy pull down or pull out Faucet is, both these have a lot of similarities. Let us have a look at the pros and cons for better understanding of these two Faucets.



Pull Out Faucets – Pros and Cons

Moen-S7597CSL-90-Degree-One-Handle-High-Arc-Pullout-Kitchen-Faucet,-Classic-StainlessHave a look at the Pros of Pull Out Faucets first, before you know about their cons.

  • The hose of the Faucet is long and that comes with a spray head. This is very helpful for those who would like to fill the pots. You can fill them up near the sink or you can even choose to do it away from the sink.
  • All those who face problem with space, should always choose these Pull Out Faucets as the spout is very short.
  • You have a flexible spray head and this is going to reduce the splash back.

Now, it is time to look at the negative sides

  • Filling up taller items can be difficult with a Pull Out Faucet.
  • People having bigger hands should first check them and make sure that the grip is comfortable and fine, as it can be a problem.


Pull-Down Faucets – Pros and Cons

Let us start with Pros first even for the Pull Down Faucet.

  • Pfister-Cagney-1-Handle-Pull-Down-Kitchen-Faucet-with-Soap-Dispenser,-Stainless-SteelIf you are looking for Faucets with more and more spraying options, then Pull down is the best choice because they have a good number of options.
  • Is your sink deep and spacious? Then Pull Down Faucet is ideal for you.
  • You will not find too many or any curves in the hose of this Pull Down Faucet because you are less likely to move in many different directions.

Here are the cons about Pull Down Faucets

  • When you are going for Pull Down Faucets, make sure to have enough space on the top of the sink. The spout height is long and hence it can be a problem if there is no space above the sink.
  • The pressure of the water that can reduce the space of the sink is less.

Choosing the right Faucet for your decorative kitchen should complete be your choice, but this article will just help you in getting a little information about these two Faucets. It can make the process of selecting little easier for you. It is now your turn to check, think and buy the best one for your kitchen needs.


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