How To Choose The Perfect Shower Head?

Just like every other bathroom accessory, there are very many shower head options. Therefore, depending on your tastes, budget, size of your bathroom, you can get anything. That is from a wall mounted head, a lavish spa shower that has got several sprays and jet, a no-frills or a convenient hand-held model.


Having a fantastic shower head makes waking up to take a shower more meaningful. However, with very options available to you, you need to think through some rather particular factors before making that purchase. These include:


Which showerhead meets your needs?

the best shower headIs it a single showerhead or an entire bath and shower combination? Bathtubs that also work as showers require you to replace the whole showerhead and faucet system. However, if all you want is a new showerhead, then you do not have to think about combination fixtures.


Besides that, you may also want to ask yourself if you want a fixed showerhead that gets attached to the wall or a movable handheld fixture. Handheld showerheads are practical when bathing pets or children. They are also fantastic for people that have disabilities or any form of injuries. On the other hand, if convenience is not on your priority list, a fixed fixture is good enough.


What finish do you fancy?

There are several showerhead finishes. These include Brass, Stainless Steel, Gold, Bronze, Platinum, Chrome, Nickel, and aged pewter. Before you settle for a particular finish, you need to take your bathroom décor into consideration.

However, if you are remodeling the bathroom, you are free to choose whatever pleases you. Make sure that your finish is in line with the other bathroom fixtures.


What showerhead options do you want?

There are several options such as massage, mist, rainfall, jet spray, and waterfall features. Some shower heads have more than one option. For example, you could get one that allows you to use the massage option when the need arises, and full spray when you need it. However, if you do not need all these additions, you could settle for the ordinary type.


Are you environment conscious?

the best shower headAll the showerheads available in the United States of America only gush out water at 9.5 liters per minute to help in water conservation. However, if you need one that conserves more than that, you can also get it.


Who is installing the showerhead?

Are you doing it yourself or are you hiring the services of a professional? Most showerheads are quite easy to install. However, there are some that require more than your DIY knowledge to install them. If your desire is to do the installation work by yourself, then get a showerhead that has got clear instructions, and the steps are straightforward.


What is your budget?

The prices of showerheads vary a lot. You can find one that is too expensive, however, that also depends on many reasons such as features. You can also get one that is very affordable. Know your budget and look for a shower head that fits in it.

With that said, let us review some shower heads and their features.


Standard wall mount showerheads

Are you on a tight budget or are you just updating your bathroom? Then this shower head shall do you right.

  • Additional features are nozzles that can move from gentle mists to pulsing massage.
  • Works amazingly with existing plumbing
  • You can get them from $2 onwards


Hand-held shower heads

You can use this one for very many things. They include bathing your pets, your children, washing your hair, rinsing your bathroom after scrubbing it.

  • Works well in a family bathroom
  • Works well with existing plumbing
  • Can get used alone or alongside a standard shower
  • Some of them get fixed on sliding bars that can adjust to different heights
  • You can get them from $37 onwards


Top mount showerheads

These stylish and sensual showerheads are also called rain showers. They are positioned right above one’s head and give you a fantastic drenching experience. Unlike the showerheads above, this type requires major plumbing upgrades. You may opt for the ordinary rain showerhead or one that has got numerous features.

  • It works well in a new home or when you are doing an essential bathroom renovation.
  • Works well in bathrooms where ceilings make wall mounting impossible
  • You can get one as low as $10 or as high as $500 depending on what you want.


Enjoy hunting for your ideal showerhead


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