Which is Better for Wines? Wine Coolers or Ice Buckets?

wine-coolersThere are different ways on how people can cool their wines. Two of the common ways that people make use of are wine coolers and ice buckets. It is essential that you know how each method cools wines and how fast the process is. This will make it easier for you to decide what particular method you will prefer when chilling your wines. So to help you come up with a pick, identifying how wine coolers differ with ice buckets is necessary.

What is a Wine Cooler and Ice Buckets?

A wine cooler is a type of appliance that you can have at home and can be used in chilling red and white wines at an optimum temperature. It allows you to control the temperature and also the humidity that will be suitable for the wines. It can also help in preserving the taste of your wine because there would be fewer or disturbances when using this storage.

Wine coolers are available in different types and can either be electronic or non-electronic. Listed below are the types of wine coolers.

  • Standard Wine Bottle Cooler- This type of cooler should be filled with ice in order to chill the wine because it doesn’t make use of electricity. You can only use it for one or two bottles of wine and will only take a few minutes to cool them. The design is similar to an ice bucket.
  • Electronic Devices- This wine cooler let you decide what temperature you want for the wine. It is available in different sizes that can hold up to 10 bottles of wine great for parties. The length of time for you to cool wines will depend on the structure of the cooler and on how you have placed the bottles inside.
  • Combined Ice and Electric Wine Cooler- This type of cooler are a combination of ice style and electric cooler. Wines are chilled in a different way wherein a metal chamber works in cooling the wine bottle through a circular motion. It will only take 2 minutes to chill small bottles while 5 minutes for the big ones.

After knowing what wine coolers are, it is essential that we also familiarize ourselves with ice buckets. Ice buckets are commonly used in restaurants, bars, and hotels. It is available in different styles and usually has the hat style lid located at the lip of the bucket. The handle can either be basket-style swivel or has a knob handle. The bucket will be filled with ice in order to chill the wine and you can use tongs in removing the ice. You can bring with you ice buckets anywhere you go if you want to keep your drinks cool.


The Differences Between Wine Coolers and Ice Buckets

With the information given above about wine coolers and ice buckets, you will definitely have an idea how they differ with each other. Some of the common differences that you have to know are the following.

  • Though wine coolers are said to be portable, ice buckets are handy that will give you not troubles bringing it anywhere.
  • Ice buckets are a lot cheaper than wine coolers.
  • Wine coolers will allow you to manage the temperature you need for cooling wines that you cannot do when using ice buckets.
  • Wine coolers can be used as a home décor because of its designs and can be more appealing than ice buckets.
  • Ice buckets can be used for an emergency situation when you need to chill your wine as quickly as possible.

How Would You Know if it’s Time for You to Buy a Wine Refrigerator

If you already have a home fridge and you notice that you’ve been storing a dozen bottles of wine, then maybe it is time for you to consider purchasing a wine refrigerator. This will help you organize your wine bottles while preserving their taste. This is also a good idea if you live in places with varying temperature. Remember that wine fridge lets you handle what temperature you want to apply for your wines knowing that these are sensitive when it comes to temperature as well as humidity and light. It is, therefore, a good idea if you will invest in a wine fridge.


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